Halo Infinite: watch 8 minutes of gameplay

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Microsoft is finally giving us a better look at Halo Infinite today. After promising and teasing Halo Infinite gameplay for the past few weeks, the game certainly looks like an ambitious bet from 343 Industries. Halo Infinite is a “spiritual reboot” of Halo, designed so that players new to the franchise can jump into the story.

We got our first look at the Halo Infinite campaign today, running at a locked 60fps on the Xbox Series X. The open-world environment looks a lot like the original Halo: Combat Evolved, and the 8-minute gameplay even includes Halo’s Warthog vehicle and the Banished enemies (including Brutes). The gameplay, which starts several hours into the Halo Infinite campaign, also includes new mechanics like Master Chief’s new grappling hook and a “Drop Wall” cover.

The new grappling hook can be used to grab objects in the Halo Infinite environment, like energy canisters or even the ability to throw grenades with it. You can use the “Grappleshot” to melee nearby enemies or even grapple onto ledges. The new “Drop Wall” shield can also be deployed quickly to protect against enemies or even deflect grenades like is demonstrated in the video.

Halo Infinite includes a number of guns, and a lot of them were demonstrated during the gameplay video. There’s an assault rifle, a battle rifle with a vector-like diagonal magazine, a simple pistol, a ravager covenant weapon, plasma pistol, bulldog shotgun with drum mag, a pulse carbine, and mangler pistol.

“This new equipment, along with various new weapons, open up more freedom and flexibility for players to showcase their own playstyles,” explains 343 Industries. “And yes, these new additions to the sandbox will also carry over to multiplayer, however they’ll function a bit differently as equipment items that can be picked up on the map. We look forward to talking more about multiplayer details soon.”

Halo Infinite’s new open world.

There’s also a mysterious new “Halo ring” that 343 Industries says is several times bigger than the last two Halo games combined. “With Halo Infinite, we’re now able to give players more freedom than ever before to explore a sprawling Halo ring,” says 343 Industries. “This demo shows off just a small section of the open and expansive world we’ve crafted to deliver an epic Master Chief experience. The scale of the environment accessible to players is several times larger than that of the last two Halo games combined with opportunities to discover hidden rewards and assault Banished fortifications in brand new ways.”

We’ll need much more information on the rest of the campaign and the Halo Infinite world, but this is simply an early look at the campaign part of the game. Microsoft is not showing off the multiplayer aspects just yet.

Halo Infinite is set to debut on Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Series X this holiday.

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