LG’s swiveling ‘Wing’ phone allegedly revealed in video leak

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Earlier this year LG was reported to be working on a dual-screen phone codenamed “Wing” with a swiveling design. Android Authority now claims to have an exclusive video of the phone in action.

While a previous Wing mockup showed a smaller screen at the bottom with the larger screen positioned in landscape orientation, this video shows how the device could work with the main screen in portrait and the secondary screen off to the side. In the video, a driver is using the larger screen for GPS navigation with music controls on the second screen. Then, when a phone call comes in, it’s handled on the smaller display without obscuring the driving directions.

It’s a neat use case that seems like it would make a lot of sense in this scenario. Of course, the biggest question is what tradeoffs LG has had to make with the Wing’s design — the video doesn’t show the swiveling action in motion, nor how bulky the device is compared to a conventional phone. Software support would also be crucial, as we’ve seen with LG’s dual-screen phones like the G8X and the Velvet.

Still, this is a unique idea and we’re here for it. Hopefully we find out more soon; the phone is reportedly planned for release this year.

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