Google Meet arrives in Gmail for iOS and Android as a giant new tab

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Google is taking another step toward its Meet integration with Gmail today, bringing the videoconferencing service directly into Gmail for iOS and Android. Gmail mobile users won’t need the dedicated Google Meet app to join meetings, and Google has decided to include Meet as a separate, and rather large, tab at the bottom of the main Gmail interface. If you don’t want Meet to appear as a tab, then you’ll have to turn off the Meet integration in the settings menu.

Google made Google Meet free for anyone at the end of April, and it has wasted no time integrating the service into Gmail ever since. In the coming weeks, iOS and Android users of Gmail will find the new Meet tab to quickly join meetings.

Google has really been pushing Meet as part of Gmail, with giant blue buttons appearing inside new Google Calendar entries. This new mobile integration is the latest attempt to go head-to-head with Zoom, the videoconferencing app that has soared in popularity during the stay at home era. Both Google and Microsoft have been chasing Zoom’s success, with new features and free services aimed at winning over Zoom users.

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