Android 10 had the fastest adoption rate of any version of Android yet

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Google has long struggled with getting device manufacturers to update older devices to the latest version of Android, but the company announced today that it’s starting to see some success, with Android 10 seeing the fastest adoption rates of any version of Android.

According to Google, Android 10 was installed on 100 million devices five months after its launch in September 2019 — 28 percent faster than it took the company to reach a similar milestone for Android Pie. Google credits the faster adoption rate to improvements the company has been making over the years, like Android Oreo’s Project Treble and Android 10’s Project Mainline, which makes it easier for hardware companies to create new updates.

But while those numbers are impressive, Google’s post is notably missing some crucial information, like what percentage of Android devices are running Android 10 — a number that’s sure to be lower than Google would like. In fact, Google has effectively stopped publishing the breakdown percentage of which Android devices are running which version of Android entirely, following a similar announcement last August that looked back at Android 9 Pie adoption rates. (At the time, Android Pie had been installed on 22.6 percent of Android devices ahead of the release of Android 10.)

Those numbers also pale in comparison to Apple, which currently has 81 percent of all iOS devices on the latest iOS 13, an advantage helped by Apple’s nearly total control over hardware and software, along with the drastically fewer devices that Apple needs to support compared to the myriad number of Android phones.

Still, Google’s making good progress, and hopefully it’ll manage to continue the trend with Android 11 when it launches later this year.

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