You’ll be able to buy swappable outfits for Lego’s Super Mario

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Lego and Nintendo had already announced that their interactive Super Mario Lego starter set and two expansion packs would launch on August 1st, and the two companies announced today that four swappable outfits for Mario, called “Power-Up Packs,” will also be released on the same day.

Inspired by the classic costumes from the Super Mario games, the Power-Up Packs not only change the appearance of Lego Mario but will also produce sounds for each corresponding suit.

Fire Mario, for example, makes a sound as if Mario is throwing a fireball, and Cat Mario will have him making “meow” noises. Propeller Mario makes propeller sounds when you have him “fly,” and Builder Mario can “break bricks” when you bring Mario down for a ground pound attack.

Each Power-Up Pack will cost $9.99 and will be sold separately from the starter set, which costs $59.99. There will also be two expansion sets that expand upon the Starter Course — one is a $29.99 Piranha Plant Power Slide and $99.99 Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle set.

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