You can now make cross-platform parties in Fall Guys

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has significantly expanded its crossplay functionality between PlayStation and PC, developer Mediatonic (which is owned by Epic Games) announced on Tuesday. As part of the game’s season 6 mid-season update, you can now make cross-platform parties in “any of our applicable playlists in Fall Guys—from Squads, to Duos, to Main Show and beyond,” Mediatonic said in a blog post.

To party up with your friends, you have to link your Epic Account to Fall Guys. If you haven’t done that yet, Mediatonic says you’ll be prompted to do so when you launch the game.

The feature builds on the previously more limited crossplay functionality in the game. Before now, players had to make custom lobbies to play with friends on different platforms. Mediatonic also allowed you to play against people other platforms via matchmaking, but you couldn’t join parties with them.

Crossplay is a signature feature of two of Epic’s other big titles, Fortnite and Rocket League, so it’s not surprising to see that Epic is making it easier to take advantage of in Fall Guys. While it’s a clear benefit for users, connecting players across platforms can be fraught from a business perspective: Sony was strongly opposed to enabling the feature for Rocket League and Fortnite, but it eventually backed down on both games following player demands.

It’s unclear if the upcoming Nintendo Switch and Xbox versions of Fall Guys will support crossplay as well. But given Epic’s history, it seems like a possibility we’ll see the feature on those platforms. Mediatonic didn’t immediately reply to a request for comment.

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