Valve says the Steam Deck is on track to ship by the end of February

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In November, Valve gave everyone some bad news, revealing a two-month delay for the Steam Deck, but it’s starting off 2022 on a better note. In its latest update, the company says it “looks like” Steam Deck shipments will start by the end of February. Of course, we’re in a pandemic, and things can always change, but the preorder windows for Verge staffers are holding steady with their original projections — you can check your status here.

Just as important as the hardware, however, is the games that you’ll try to play on the thing. Valve apparently shipped out “hundreds” of Steam Deck units to developers last month so that they can make sure their PC games are fully compatible with its software environment and AMD-powered hardware.

Testing is required to get a green “verified” checkmark in Steam, and we’ve already seen posts on social media showing the makers of the most popular titles trying their games out on the Steam Deck. The only thing we still don’t have, oddly, is a price for or picture of the Steam Deck dock that’s supposed to help you put those games on the big screen. Hopefully, we’ll get a look at that, and some time with Valve’s latest hardware project, in the next few weeks.

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