TimTheTatman explains why Fall Guys is such a phenomenon

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The internet rallied around TimTheTatman as the hugely popular Twitch streamer tried and failed, and failed, and failed again to take the crown at the end of a match of Fall Guys last week. When he finally did it, it felt like the whole world had won — a small, strange reprieve in the middle of a stressful summer.

“It was almost like everyone was pulling for the little guy,” Tim “TimTheTatman” Betar said in an interview with The Verge. “Like I can’t do it, and everyone wanted to see me be victorious.”

Fall Guys has turned into a phenomenon since the goofy 60-person party game launched earlier this month. Betar says the game’s accessibility is part of why it’s blowing up.

“It’s a really simple and easy game to understand,” he said. “It’s three buttons. In Fortnite, there’s lots of buttons and stuff happening. Fall Guys is pretty simple. You just jump and dive and try not to fail.”

The fact that it’s so simple to follow along with makes it “fun and easy to watch” as streamers play. As for why people were tuning into Betar in particular, “I’m pretty bad, so people get a kick out of it I guess.”

Betar has still been playing the game since his team-mode win last week, and he’s still searching for a solo win. He’ll also be playing the game as part of a Bud Light Seltzer tournament called Battle of the Best, which starts next week. The 16-person tournament will also feature Shroud, Dr. Lupo, and Cloakzy.

“I’m hoping in the tournament I’m gonna be able to pull through and make my team happy,” Betar said. “I really hope I can.”

Bud Light has, for some reason, declared its new hard seltzer “the official hard seltzer of gaming, esports and gamers.” This feat was accomplished via a trademark application, since gaming, esports, and gamers are generic terms and not things one can officially sponsor.

Since he’s on board to promote the tournament, I asked Betar — who, coincidentally, has been tweeting a great deal about Bud Light Seltzer (not a sponsorship, I am told) — what a brand would have to do to truly claim that title.

“I don’t know what that is man,” Betar said. “That’s just preference.”

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