This music video was shot entirely in Animal Crossing, and it’s great

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If you can host a popular talk show in Animal Crossing, why not stage an official music video there? Particularly when, as you’ll see in Sylvan Esso’s official “Ferris Wheel” music video, the results are excellent. It’s a delightful shot of summery goodness, even if it’s a little on the nose here and there.

Don’t have time for the full vid? Here’s a Twitter sample:

Artists are having a tough time connecting to their fans during the pandemic, and filming inside the breakout hit Nintendo game seems as good a way as any!

This actually isn’t the first official music video shot in Animal Crossing, by the way. We did find another, earlier one on YouTube by a Sad Alex:

And plenty of fans are staging their favorite songs to Animal Crossing as well. Or an entire Hamilton musical.

It’s worth noting Sylvan Esso didn’t bet their song’s entire video debut on Animal Crossing, though. Here’s the original “Ferris Wheel” music video:

Finally, I’ll leave you with this. Enjoy!

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