This $500 Neo Geo arcade cabinet has 50 built-in games

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There’s no shortage of ways to play classic Neo Geo games in 2020. There’s a mini arcade machine, an arcade stick with built-in games, and all kinds of bundles on traditional platforms. But titles like Samurai Shodown and King of Fighters are best enjoyed at a proper arcade cabinet — and now you can buy one for your house that features 50 classic games.

The new device is called the Neo Geo Multi Video System, or MVSX for short. It’s essentially a full-sized arcade cabinet with a bunch of included games. There’s a particularly heavy emphasis on fighters: there are 10 different iterations of King of Fighters, alongside other Neo Geo mainstays like Metal Slug, Samurai Shodown, Fatal Fury, and World Heroes. (You can see the complete list here.) The unit has a 17-inch LCD screen, 10 language options, the ability to play both home and arcade versions of each of the games, and two sets of controls for multiplayer bouts.

You also have some options for how to configure the device. The cabinet is 25 inches tall and costs $449.99, making it good for a tabletop, but there’s also an optional 32-inch stand that costs $99.99 on its own. You can buy them together for $499.99, giving you a nice stand-up machine. Preorders for the MVSX will begin next month, while the device is expected to ship in early November.

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