Superhot creators are giving away millions of free copies of Mind Control Delete expansion

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The team behind time-bending first-person shooter Superhot has a pretty good proposition: buy or have bought the first game and you get the follow-up for free. Called Superhot: Mind Control Delete, the standalone expansion has been in early access on Steam since 2017. But it’s releasing in full on July 16th, and developer Superhot Team wants to reward buyers of the original with a free copy. That means as many as 2 million people are eligible to receive the expansion without paying for it, the studio says.

All you need to do is purchase Superhot, or have already purchased the game, on one of the supported major platforms and the expansion will be automatically added to your library. It’s important to note that this is for the non-VR version of the game, as the VR version for Oculus Rift and other platforms is a separate title. Right now, Superhot is 60 percent off on the Microsoft Store, Steam, and Xbox. Normally, the game costs $24.99, and it’s still up for full price on the PlayStation Store and on Nintendo Switch. (Switch is not among the supported platforms for the promotion.)

Anyone who pays for the game through Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, Epic Games Store, Origin, or GOG will be eligible for the free copy of the expansion. But the deal applies only to people who have bought the game and not those who received it for free through a bundle, sale, or other promotion like PlayStation Plus or Xbox’s Games With Gold. Those who received the game for free as part of the Epic winter holiday giveaway do get a steep discount, the studio says. Here’s a handy FAQ breaking down the requirements and how you’ll be able to claim the free copy (in most cases, Superhot Team says it will just be added to your library).

For those unaware, Mind Control Delete is more of the same zany, slow-motion combat and puzzle-solving that made the first Superhot one of the most creative shooters of the past decade. But the expansion throws in a rogue-lite twist in which level order is randomized, as well as a number of new enemy types, weapons, and other additions.

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