Steam will now let you read gaming news in addition to letting you play games

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Steam has added a big update to its experimental news hub feature: the ability to actually browse gaming news from a list of publications curated by Steam’s Curator system. The first collection of sources includes “top sites serving players across seven languages,” the company wrote in a blog post. And the whole thing is free.

Obviously, the list of publications and sources is customizable, and alongside articles and blurbs players will be able to view videos and other media directly in Steam’s hub. The idea is that the hub should be totally personalized, so you’ll have control over what sources you see (while also, of course, being able to discover new outlets you might enjoy).

It’s an interesting move from Steam: the platform is already kind of an everything store for gaming, and a robust news hub that brings in articles and reviews from around the internet seems like a nice way to keep everything you’d want in the same ecosystem. That’s definitely good for players — it’s a digital one-stop shop. And hey, The Verge is on there, too. Give us a follow, will ya?

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