Secretlab’s gaming chairs can now be wrapped in a low-key SoftWeave black fabric

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If you want a comfortable chair with a low-profile design that won’t break the bank, Secretlab’s gaming chairs are generally agreed upon (even by a few Verge writers who have owned one) as being a worthy purchase. And now, its 2020 lineup of chairs, consisting of the Omega, Titan, and Titan XL, can be outfitted in a minimalist black colorway called SoftWeave black. While these chairs already look more subtle than most other options on the market, they do still look a bit like something yanked out of a race car, so the new color option helps.

According to Secretlab, this new color is “upholstered in a custom tri-color weave featuring three different shades of black.” It’s worth noting that the fabric looks quite similar to the existing charcoal variant, though it’s definitely a bit darker. What sells this new color for me over the charcoal option is that it ditches the giant blue logo stitched into the chair’s back with a subtler black one.

Secretlab SoftWeave fabric


So you know, SoftWeave is the company’s breathable fabric that you can pick to wrap around its chairs when you buy one. It’s the step-up option in cost above the Prime 2.0 polyurethane-coated leather it uses in the base model, but it’s well below the cost required to add what it calls NAPA leather. The primary downside for this darker look is that it costs $30 more than other SoftWeave color options available for each chair, so it’s $409 for the Omega, $459 for the Titan, and $529 for the Titan XL with this fabric added. It could also be a little harder to clean than leather.

I haven’t seen this chair in person, but the images make the black SoftWeave colorway seem like an appealing option if you don’t have $1,500 laying around to buy Logitech and Herman Miller’s $1,500 Embody gaming chair. In Secretlab’s case, it’s nice that there’s a good-looking option available that, you know, doesn’t cost as much as a high-end gaming PC.

Here’s a blip from Secretlab’s press release:

Engineered from top-of-the-line materials, the Secretlab SoftWeave BLACK3 is a perennial and versatile classic designed to be right at home in any setup. With its iconic Triple Black-inspired finish, the Secretlab SoftWeave BLACK3 is stripped down to its details and shape, able to stand out as the centerpiece of your setup or blend in seamlessly with the rest of your workstation.

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