Razer’s new feature-packed, wireless gaming accessories aren’t cheap

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Razer has released three new wireless gaming products, each in a different category. There’s the $179.99 BlackShark V2 Pro wireless gaming headset that is, in many ways, just like the BlackShark V2 — sans cable. It’s similarly a very comfortable headset that I’ve found easy to wear for hours on end without feeling fatigued or like my head is in a vice. Razer claims it can last up to 24 hours per charge, and the headset is rechargeable via a Micro USB port.

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro

The new BlackShark V2 Pro is just as comfortable as the wired version.
Image: Razer

The visual differences between this model and the $99.99 wired BlackShark V2 are very minor. The Pro has a black Razer logo on it instead of a green one, and it has a 3.5mm jack for wired listening.

It’s also debuting the DeathAdder V2 Pro, a wireless take on the mouse design that I think is one of the best currently available. It’s the most affordable product announced today at $129.99. Razer built this mouse with support for its HyperSpeed 2.4GHz receiver, as well as Bluetooth. It can supposedly last up to 120 hours per charge on Bluetooth versus up to 70 hours connected via 2.4GHz. Charging the mouse is handled with its Micro USB port or by docking it on one of Razer’s $50 mouse docks.

Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro

The DeathAdder V2 Pro is a lightweight wireless gaming mouse that isn’t missing any big features.
Image: Razer

As far as highlights go, this is a lightweight wireless mouse at 88 grams — just six grams heavier than the wired version. It has the same Focus Plus 20K DPI optical sensor, optical switches that Razer claims will last for up to 70 million clicks, and it supports five on-board memory profiles, so you can easily toggle between button schemes no matter the computer you’re using.

Razer’s final new product is its first full-sized, wireless mechanical keyboard. It’s called the BlackWidow V3 Pro and it costs $229.99. The keyboard design is similar to the tenkeyless wired BlackWidow V3 that’s currently available, but this wireless version incorporates the media keys and multifunction dial from the $169.99 wired Elite model. This is the full package but with the cord snipped.

Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro

Razer’s BlackWidow V3 Pro is its most ultimate keyboard yet.
Image: Razer

Like the mouse mentioned above, this keyboard has multiple ways to connect wirelessly. You can use the HyperSpeed 2.4GHz receiver or connect via Bluetooth, the latter of which can yield up to 192 hours of battery life. If you want to charge, or just play wired, the keyboard has a USB-C port.

All of these products are available starting today. One other small announcement is that Razer is including a newer version of its HyperSpeed 2.4Ghz USB wireless receiver with the DeathAdder V2 Pro, the BlackWidow V3 Pro, and the modular Naga Pro mouse I covered a few weeks ago. It lets multiple devices connect to it instead of each accessory requiring its own receiver to be plugged in. Though, the functionality won’t roll out until later this year via a firmware update in Razer Synapse.

One last thing to bring up: USB-C. Razer has shown that it’s all aboard the USB-C train when it comes to keyboards, which is great. But I’m annoyed that it has yet to make the jump from the dreaded Micro USB port for almost any of its other accessories, including the new DeathAdder V2 Pro and BlackShark V2 Pro that debuted today. There are other offenders in the gaming peripheral space, like SteelSeries, but for how much Razer charges for accessories, I’d like to see it take the leap to USB-C moving forward.

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