PS5 in photos: our first look at Sony’s next-gen console

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The PlayStation 5 is big. This was never a secret, but I was still surprised by just how huge the console looks in person.

A few weeks ahead of the next-gen console’s launch on November 12th, we’ve finally been able to check out the hardware for ourselves. And while I can’t talk much about the PS5 experience just yet — stay tuned for more on that— I can tell you what the actual console and its new controller look and feel like.

Standing 15.4 inches tall and 10.24 inches deep, the PS5 does look and feel absolutely massive. To put it in perspective, it’s not as big as your average PC tower, but it’s edging close to it. Having it positioned vertically next to a 55-inch TV does take away from some of its size, but I’m still shocked every single time I look at it.

I will say that the… let’s call it unique design grew on me quickly. Ever since the hardware was officially unveiled back in June, it always looked like what I expected from a next-gen console: intimidating, futuristic, and definitely a device meant for playing games. And I’m glad the dominant color is white instead of the overused black we’ve been seeing for decades.

Once you get over the sheer size of the console, I think most people will enjoy how it sits on their media stand. And that’s a good thing, because you may have to keep it out in the open — it’s very hard to hide anywhere else. Seriously, do some planning ahead of time. This might not be the kind of console you can just stow away inside your entertainment center.

Lastly, the black plastic on this console has a very shiny finish and you’ll want to keep your hands away from it. It’s a real fingerprint and dust magnet. You likely won’t have a reason to move it once you set it up, but I can tell you that taking these photos of the console involved a lot of wiping with a microfiber cloth.

It’s not just the console itself that marks a major change. The PS5 also comes with a brand-new controller, the DualSense, which updates the iconic DualShock setup that Sony has used since midway through the original PlayStation’s life. The DualSense has a familiar layout, but it’s slightly larger and heavier and features a textured grip on the back. In a nice touch, the texture is actually made up of extremely tiny versions of the classic PlayStation controller icons. Meanwhile, the circular home button has been replaced with a cut-out PlayStation logo.

Basically, it feels more like a streamlined take on the original design, rather than a dramatic departure. That said, some of the controller’s most notable features — like the improved haptic feedback and the adaptive triggers — are things that will only be apparent once we start playing some PS5 games.

It’s hard to say much more about the PS5 until we can actually turn it on and play around with it, but the look and feel of the hardware itself still makes a statement. You won’t confuse this with any other gaming device: this is the next-generation PlayStation. Hopefully it’s as exciting to play as it is to look at.

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