Nvidia’s GeForce Now subscriptions now come with free Crysis Remastered for PC

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Last month, Nvidia settled the age-old question once and for all — yes, it can run Crysis, whatever it is, as long as it can stream the company’s GeForce Now cloud gaming service. To prove it, Nvidia’s now giving away a copy of Crysis Remastered for free with every new six-month GeForce Now subscription, as well as the first wave of customers who’ve already subscribed or preordered GeForce Now’s impressive new RTX 3080 tier. It’s a limited-time offer.

You don’t even have to play that copy of Crysis using GeForce Now, by the way — it’s a full PC copy delivered via the Epic Games Store, and you can run it on your gaming desktop or laptop too. It’s yours to keep even after your subscription is over. Nvidia says it’s the first time GeForce Now has given away a game.

“Current GeForce Now RTX 3080 members will receive game codes in the days ahead; while members who have preordered but haven’t been activated yet, will receive their game code when their GeForce Now RTX 3080 service is activated,” writes Nvidia.

It’s worth noting this isn’t the whole Crysis Remastered Trilogy, just the first game in the series, so we’re talking about a title that currently costs $30 on the Epic Games Store. That’s not necessarily a reason to pick up the service — I’d suggest trying GeForce Now’s free tier to make sure it works for you first — but if you’re already interested in a copy of the game and want to become a GFN subscriber, that’s a sizable discount off your six-month, $50 subscription to GeForce Now’s priority tier, or your $100 subscription for six months of the RTX 3080 service.

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