Nvidia warns the great GPU shortage will continue throughout 2021

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If you were hoping to pickup a new RTX 30-series GPU in the coming months, Nvidia is warning about supply shortages for the rest of 2021. “We expect demand to continue to exceed supply for much of this year,” said Colette Kress, Nvidia CFO, on an investors call earlier this week.

That means the difficulties of finding a new 30-series GPU will likely continue, possibly into 2022. Nvidia previously warned that supplies would “likely remain lean” through its fiscal Q1, and now that we’re approaching that milestone (end of April) it’s clear that supply hasn’t improved significantly to meet demand.

TSMC and Intel are also both warning that chip supply issues could last through 2022. The global chip shortage has forced some car manufacturers to scale back production, and consumers have found it near impossible to find new graphics cards, CPUs, PS5s, and Xboxes.

Nvidia does note that despite the issues, supply should still increase as 2021 progresses. “We will see supply continue to increase throughout this quarter as well as throughout the year,” said Kress. Regardless, it’s still going to be difficult to find a new GPU when you have to compete with fellow gamers, cryptominers, and scalpers that are pushing the real prices of GPUs way out of control.

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