Microsoft’s Xbox Series X dashboard has a new rounded design and speed improvements

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Microsoft is revealing the dashboard and software UI that it plans to use on the Xbox Series X. The software giant is mostly sticking to the same guide and interface that exists on the Xbox One today, with big promises of speed improvements and some new rounded UI elements.

While these new dashboard design changes will also be available on the Xbox One, the home section of the upcoming Xbox Series X console should load 50 percent faster than existing Xbox One consoles. Microsoft has also reduced the footprint of the home screen, guide, and Store so they use 40 percent less memory on the company’s next-gen console.

Microsoft’s new Xbox design improvements.

These speed improvements also mean that when you’re switching between games on an Xbox Series X, the home screen will load a third faster than what exists today. The current Xbox dashboard has been a source of speed problems for what feels like years, but Microsoft has been gradually tweaking the overall UI and UX in recent months ahead of the Xbox Series X launch.

Alongside the speed improvements, Microsoft is also focusing on more readable text, with a rounded UI around elements and updated animations throughout the Xbox dashboard. This includes a big update to the Microsoft Store that testers are currently trying out ahead of the Xbox Series X launch in November. Microsoft’s Xbox guide interface has also been tweaked so it looks more rounded, with parties and chats now located in a single tab within the guide.

The new Xbox design across console, PC, and mobile.

Sharing game clips on an Xbox One has always been slow and frustrating, and Microsoft appears to be addressing this with its new dashboard and “Xbox Experience.” Now, when you capture a game clip on a console, it will be automatically sent to your phone to make it quick and easy to share with friends or on social networks.

All of the updates will be rolled out in the coming weeks, and the big speed improvements will really be noticeable with the Xbox Series X. Microsoft hasn’t set an official date for the Xbox Series X yet, but the company has committed to launching its new console sometime in November.

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