Logitech’s new colorful G733 wireless gaming headset can make your desk less drab

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In September, Logitech will ship a colorful collection of gaming accessories, consisting of a few preexisting products with some fresh tints, and one brand-new product: the $129 G733 Lightspeed gaming headset. With the exception of the $229 G915 TKL wireless mechanical keyboard, which is now offered in white instead of only black, other accessories — the $39 G203 Lightsync wired mouse, the $59 G305 Lightspeed wireless mouse, and the G733 headset — will come in four colors: blue, lilac purple, white, and black.

Since most of these products have already been available for a while, I’m going to focus on the G733 headset. It’s a lightweight, wireless gaming headset that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Impressively, it has most of the same features as the $199.99 Logitech Pro X Lightspeed headset.

Logitech G305 Lightspeed

A look at the color treatment applied to the G305 Lightspeed wireless mice.

The G733 charges via USB-C; Logitech claims up to 29 hours of battery life per charge. In the box, there’s a 2.4GHz Lightspeed USB receiver (dipped in the same color as the headset) that gives the headset compatibility with PCs and PS4s. The G733 also supports DTS X 2.0 virtual surround sound and has customizable Blue-branded microphone settings within Logitech’s G Hub software. So it hits a lot of the major beats at a lower price point.

Though this headset makes some compromises to meet a lower price point than the Pro X Lightspeed, they are compromises I can definitely live with. It’s more lightweight at 278 grams, mostly thanks to its all-plastic construction, and it’s comfortable for all-day use thanks to its breathable ear cups and supportive suspension headband, both of which are machine washable. The colorful headband can be reversed for a different look or swapped out for a new color purchased through Logitech for $9.99 each.

Despite having slightly smaller drivers (40mm versus 50mm in the Pro X), the sound performance of the G733 didn’t strike me as being noticeably worse, though the noise isolation isn’t as good. The bass also isn’t as punchy, but they feature a balanced, powerful sound that doesn’t wear me out.

Logitech G733 Lightspeed

You can purchase these cute microphone covers from Logitech. Each pack also comes with covers shaped like lips, a star, a heart, and a moustache.

I’m usually annoyed by LEDs and strange design flourishes in gaming accessories. The simpler, the better, I say. But I’m delighted by how quirky this headset is. I tested out the lilac purple-colored G733, and the color treatment makes it stand out compared to almost everything else on my desk — aside from the striking blue G203 mouse that came with it. The headset features a vertical stripe of LEDs on the front of each ear cup, and you can adjust the color and lighting effect in the G Hub software or just turn it off if it’s a little too extra for you.

If you’re looking to spruce up your gaming desk and find some gear that speaks more to your style, Logitech’s accessories seem like a good way to do that. I’m smitten with the headset, but as for the mice, I’m going to hold my breath and hope for a lilac purple G502 Lightspeed, my favorite wireless gaming mouse.

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