HyperX and Ducky collaborated on a limited edition version of the One 2 Mini keyboard

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HyperX teamed up with popular mechanical keyboard maker Ducky to make a new limited edition colorway of its compact, 60 percent-sized Ducky One 2 Mini. In addition to splashing this keyboard with a matte black frame surrounding the keys and a glossy cherry red hosing on the bottom, it utilizes HyperX’s Red linear mechanical key switches.

Each of those switches is covered in Ducky’s durable keycaps, which are said to maintain their grippy texture and their key label despite long-term use. This model costs $109.99, and you can pick it up through HyperX’s online store starting on Tuesday, May 12th. Only a total of 3,700 units will be made.

Photo by Cameron Faulkner / The Verge

In terms of niceties, the One 2 Mini has plenty of them. This keyboard plugs in via a USB-C to USB Type-A cable, so it’s simple to plug it in at your desk without looking. Its rear feet feature two height settings, giving you more options if you prefer a slightly angled keyboard instead of all-or-nothing options for height. HyperX’s provided switches are pleasant to type on, and while the feel of the travel is highly subjective, the “thock” sound and feel satisfies my needs. HyperX claims they have a 80 million click lifespan. PBT, the key material that Ducky uses, feels great, but whether the 60 percent form factor works for you is another thing entirely.

Photo by Cameron Faulkner / The Verge

As I touched on earlier, this 60 percent keyboard is incredibly space-efficient. I share a desk with my partner, and this model might be a godsend if space is a commodity. In case you’re not aware, the 60 percent figure is relative to a fully sized keyboard with a row of function keys, directional keys, and a full number pad. The Ducky One 2 Mini lacks all of those features, instead opting to cram in a bunch of options that you can execute when you hold the Fn key.

It’s clever to have access to every function available in a smaller keyboard. Yet, navigating to find where each of these options is hidden around the keyboard all but asks you to rethink how you use the entire device. Simple shortcuts like adjusting the volume, using arrow keys, and trying to do the Windows + Prt Scn shortcut to take screenshots will require some studying up on. I had to keep the manual next to me while I used the One 2 Mini to access some of the macro and RGB backlight options.

After over a week of using the Ducky One 2 Mini, I think it’s the perfect fit for my desk. It’s small, capable, and the switches are quiet enough not to disturb my partner too much, unlike my Durgod 80 percent mechanical keyboard that uses Cherry MX Brown switches. It’s great to use with games, though from the perspective of a writer, the amount of compromises in terms of executing some of the most basic keyboard functions, like using directional keys to pilfer through copy, is difficult on a 60 percent form factor keyboard.

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