HP’s Omen Vector Wireless is a long-lasting mouse with USB-C charging

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HP debuted a value-priced Omen Vector wired gaming mice earlier this summer, but the new Vector Wireless is the company’s high-end option. It’s $99.99 and is available starting today in the US. What stands out about the Vector Wireless is its USB-C charging port that, beyond being convenient, allows for very fast charging speeds.

HP claims that 30 seconds is all the charging time it needs to get an hour of battery life. Also according to HP, five minutes of charging time should be enough for it to last through an entire day, while 15 minutes will get you 30 hours of performance. It supposedly takes 90 minutes to fully charge the mouse, yielding up to 180 hours of battery life.

HP Omen Vector Wireless

The Omen Vector Wireless ships with a braided USB-C to USB-A cable, a 2.4GHz wireless receiver, and an extender.
Image: HP

Given the name, the Vector Wireless is meant to be used wirelessly. Out of the box, its 2.4GHz wireless receiver is tucked away just below where your palm rests on the mouse. If you want to use it wired instead, HP includes a braided cable that it claims can deliver a 1ms polling rate. (The company made it clear that not all USB-C cables can deliver the same speed.)

This new mouse from HP uses the PixArt PAW3335 sensor, which has 16,000 DPI resolution with a customizable range between 100-16,000 that you can tweak using the HP Omen Command Center software. It uses Omron mechanical switches, which yield deep travel and a satisfying bounce. Additionally, you can tweak the button assignments, the colors, and the lighting pattern of the LEDs to your liking.

As for how the mouse feels in the hand, I like that the main mouse buttons are concave, so they shape to your fingers. HP’s new mouse also has textured sides for grip and a thumb rest that provides some relief when you don’t want to hold your thumb up next to the mouse’s two side buttons.

So far, battery life seems to be stellar, but I’ll be testing it for the next few weeks to see if it stands up to HP’s claims.

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