Here’s what you need to run Crysis remastered on PC

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After a two-month delay following an underwhelming trailer, Crysis Remastered is finally launching on PC, PS4, and Xbox One this month. Ahead of its release, Crytek has unveiled the system requirements needed to run the game on your computer, and shockingly you won’t need a supercomputer this time.

While the recommended specs only require a 7th-gen Intel CPU or an AMD Ryzen 5, 12GB of RAM, and either an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti or AMD Radeon Vega 56 GPU, it’s unlikely you will take full advantage of the game’s new features, such as ray tracing.

But, if you have a higher-end PC, you’ll leverage a lot of that horsepower to run the game. If you really want to test how powerful your build is, Crytek unveiled a new graphical setting in the game called “Can it Run Crysis?” which Crytek says is “designed to demand every last bit of your hardware with unlimited settings.”

“Can it Run Crysis?” is a meme that has been ongoing since the original Crysis launched in 2007. Following Crysis’s release, critics and fans praised the game for its graphical fidelity. For years, the original version remained a benchmark for gamers looking to test their rigs’ hardware.

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