Fall Guys Season 2 is out now with new medieval games and costumes

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Two months after the release of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Mediatonic has released a season 2 for its colorful battle royale platformer. The second season adds new content and features to the game, including a lot of fantasy-themed costumes and games.

Season 2 of Fall Guys adds four fun-looking medieval games into the rotation, such as one level that has you scaling a castle-themed arena as you find a way to the end goal. Mediatonic says that more rounds are “on the way soon.” The new season introduces a Show Selector, a curated playlist that allows players to pick what types of rounds they prefer to play in the game, including a few limited-time events.

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Alongside a few mini-games added into the mix, the update also adds a “party falling” feature, so when you are in a queue with your friends, you can fall together while the game loads.

New cosmetics have also been added into the game, including costumes, emotes, color palettes, and celebrations. Additionally, the PS4 version now has a higher frame rate, running the game at 60fps instead of 30fps.

Fall Guys launched in August and has become one of the most popular games released that month with more than 7 million copies sold on Steam. It’s currently the most downloaded PS Plus game of all time, according to Sony. A mobile version of the game was announced last month, but it is only coming to China as of right now.

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