Discord fans are worried NFTs might be on the way

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After an image of a Discord survey inquiring about users’ attitudes on NFTs went viral, social media erupted as people speculated if Discord would be the newest participant in the NFT scam race / gold rush.

It’s not… yet.

The image is from a now-expired survey that was distributed in August of this year. Among questions about the participant’s knowledge of NFTs and whatever the hell Web3 means, the survey asks open-ended questions about their favorite crypto Discord communities and what, if any, crypto-related problems Discord could potentially solve. According to a Discord spokesperson, the survey was only a fact-finding endeavor targeted specifically toward users active in cryptocurrency communities on Discord.

“We’re always exploring and hacking away at things we think will improve Discord for all the communities we serve,” a Discord spokesperson told The Verge. “This includes research that helps us learn about what people want.”

So no, there will be no wumpus-themed NFTs hitting a Discord server near you anytime soon. Still, even the notion that Discord might be dipping its toes into the fetid NFT waters was enough to inspire backlash with users posting screenshots of their canceled Nitro subscriptions.

Even if Discord isn’t making its own NFT yet, there does seem to be the possibility it might be planning or at least thinking about other blockchain integrations. In response to a Substack blog post discussing Discord’s potential as an NFT / Web3 powerhouse, Discord CEO Jason Citron posted a tweet featuring an image of what looks like some kind of Discord / crypto wallet integration.

The image is from an internal hackfest project and not necessarily indicative of a product currently under development, but Discord wouldn’t be the first gaming or gaming-adjacent company to participate in the byzantine blockchain.

Blockchain video games are already a thing, and it seems like every day there’s a new big gaming company — like EA, Ubisoft, and Square Enix — announcing its involvement or teasing its interest in the cryptosphere.

If your finger was hovering over the “cancel Nitro” button based on the perception that a Discord NFT / blockchain integration was in the works, you can ease up, but only a little bit. Discord did not respond to questions about whether it would offer cryto-based products in the future.

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