Dead by Daylight is getting a free PS5 and Xbox Series X update and a graphical overhaul

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Dead by Daylight is coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X this year, and not just as a technicality: developer Behaviour Interactive says the next-gen console versions will not only run at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second, but that it’s aiming to create a “remastered edition of the game” as well.

The PS5 and Series X ports won’t be the only ones to receive a graphical update, Behavior promises. Every version of the game will get updated animations, lighting, visual effects, modeling, and textures with the intent to “improve the immersion tenfold, making the environments as realistic as a scary, disturbing nightmare,” the company says.

Behaviour Interactive is also promising that players who purchased the game on current-gen will receive a free next-gen upgrade, and it sounds like you may even get to choose which next-gen copy you want. “Current players who own the game and decide to buy a next-gen console will experience a seamless transition, getting Dead by Daylight for free on their new platform of choice, while keeping all progression,” reads the press release. A Behavior rep wouldn’t clarify when we asked, though.

Cross-progression is one of Dead by Daylight’s recent selling points, by the way, with the company letting you carry your progress across Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, and PC (via Steam). It’s not quite clear from the press release, but it sounds like that might be coming to PlayStation and Xbox as well.

Of course, a free next-gen upgrade is nothing new; similar promises were made by Bethesda, Bungie, CD Projekt Red, and Ubisoft. But if Dead by Daylight doesn’t tie you down to buying within the same console manufacturer, that could make its next-gen upgrade something special.

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