Mythic Quest season 2 gets new trailer ahead of May 7th debut

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Apple released a new trailer for Mythic Quest’s second season on Monday ahead of its May 7th debut. The trailer doesn’t feature many specific plot points, though it looks like we’ll be seeing how Ian Grimm (Rob McElhenney) and Poppy Li (Charlotte Nicdao) work together on a new expansion now that they’re co-creative directors on the fictional game. Things between them seem good, at least at the beginning.

The trailer also features Snoop Dogg (who does play video games IRL), who asks Grimm where the game’s next expansion is. He also made an appearance in a motion-capture suit in the season 2 teaser trailer, so here’s hoping he has a notable role of some kind.

The comedy’s first season was a surprise hit when it premiered last year. The creators also released a quarantine special last May, Mythic Quest: Quarantine, which was made entirely remotely and filmed with 40 iPhones. A standalone bonus episode about the crew returning to the offices will premiere this Friday ahead of season 2.

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