How to watch DC’s big FanDome event

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Without San Diego Comic-Con, DC Comics and Warner Bros. launched a new virtual event to showcase new trailers for upcoming films, games, and TV shows.

From Robert Pattinson’s The Batman to Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League to glimpses at The Flash, Shazam 2, Aquaman 2, Wonder Woman 1984, and more, FanDome is effectively trying to recreate the experience of Comic-Con’s Hall H phenomena in an interactive, virtual way. Different “panels” will take place throughout the day. Those panels will then be replayed in the “FanDome” for 24 hours. This is the first FanDome event of the year, with another one scheduled for September 12th. Saturday’s event is dedicated to the biggest developments in the film, TV, and gaming space. The event kicks off at 1pm ET with a panel for Wonder Woman 1984.

When is it?

FanDome will start at 1pm ET. Most of the panels will run until about 8:30pm ET. There will be repeat streams of the panels for 24 hours if you miss one you’re interested in.

How do I watch it?

Unlike San Diego Comic-Con’s virtual festival, this isn’t going to be hosted on various YouTube channels. In order to watch FanDome, you’ll have to set up an account on DC’s website for the event, but there’s no cost associated with it. Once an account is set up, you can create your own schedule by browsing through the various panels and adding them to your list. The site also makes adding a panel to your preferred calendar — like Google Calendar — in order to receive reminders before a panel starts.

It’s unclear if the panels will be live or pre-recorded, although a trailer for the event seems to indicate that a portion of the panels will be pre-recorded. Unlike Comic-Con’s virtual attempt, DC FanDome is designed around interactivity, so once inside the event, take some time to explore.

What are the big panels?

Wonder Woman 1984 — DC Comics’ next big movie is a Patty Jenkins’ sequel to her 2017 film. Expect a new trailer, and some Q&A with the cast about Wonder Woman 1984.

The Batman — One of the most anticipated DC films is Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Director Matt Reeves might bring first look footage at the new Caped Crusader to FanDome, alongside a Q&A session.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League — After years of campaigning from fans, Zack Snyder’s Justice League is almost here. This panel will see the first big trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League premiere, so prepare.

Flash — Both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton will appear as Batman in Flash, a movie that ties the Flash into a greater multiverse. Expect to hear more about their involvement with the film, due out in 2022.

Shazam! — We know there’s a sequel in development, but don’t expect too many “first looks.” It’s still early on, but we should get some new information about what to expect from the sequel.

Aquaman — Director James Wan and Patrick Wilson (King Orm) will take “a deep dive into the world of Atlantis that Wan created,” according to a FanDome’s website.

Warner Bros. Montreal game announcement — Fans have waited for more than a year for more information on Warner Bros. Montreal’s new Batman game. Now, this panel will tease what fans can expect.

Suicide Squad game — The newest game from Rocksteady Studios (creators of the Arkham franchise) will be explored in this panel hosted by Will Arnett.

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