What’s on your desk?

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Now that many of us are working from home (and it looks some will continue to do so, even after we’ve gotten past the worst of the pandemic), one of the most important places in those homes is our workspaces — in other words, our desks.

Everyone’s workspace is different. What kind of desk — and desk chair — do you use? Is your workspace neat and organized or filled with tchotchkes and toys? Do you have an old-fashioned wooden desk or a mechanized standing desk? Are you sitting on a stool or the latest Herman Miller desk chair? Is your workspace filled with this year’s high-end tech for working and gaming, or are you happy with a five-year-old laptop and a pair of headphones?

In our “What’s on your desk?” series, we look into how people organize and use their workspace so that you can find out all of the various ways we see our spaces and ourselves.

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