If iOS 14 is causing battery drain, you might need to wipe your iPhone

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Operating system updates can often suffer from unwanted glitches, and it seems that the latest iOS 14 and watchOS 7 releases from Apple are not immune. There have been complaints over the last few days that some people who have updated their devices have found — instead of increased efficiency — a wide range of issues, including missing fitness data, health apps that refuse to open, inaccurate reports of stored data, and increased battery drain on iPhones and Apple Watches. But while Apple has posted a way to resolve some of these issues, it’s not an easy fix.

When we checked Twitter, there were quite a few irritable messages from users whose batteries were losing power way too quickly. For example, one user tweeted, “The battery drain is unbelievable. From 90 percent to 3 percent in one hour.” Most people aren’t having battery issues nearly as dire, but this does show the level of problems some are encountering.

Apple has already issue one bug fix update (14.0.1), but none of these issues were part of that fix. Instead, Apple has suggested that if you’re experiencing “two or more” of the listed issues, you unpair your iPhone and your Apple Watch, back up to iCloud, erase all content from your iPhone, and then restore your iPhone and Apple Watch from the backups. Unfortunately, it looks like there is no way to restore missing workout route maps, environmental sound levels, or any other missing data — Apple suggests affected users follow its instructions “to prevent future data loss.”

Haven’t updated yet? You may want to hold off for a few more days until Apple — and other iPhone / Apple Watch users — signals the all clear.

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