Here are the email apps iOS 14 now lets you set as default

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Apple’s iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 launched this week, introducing a ton of new features to the company’s smartphones and tablets — including the option to change your default browser and default email apps to services like Chrome or Outlook to handle links by default instead of through Apple’s native Safari and Mail apps. Here’s a running list of available third-party browsers on iOS 14.

As for email, the available options are slightly slimmer right now. Third-party developers will need to update their apps before they can be selected as a default option on iOS 14. Due to the sensitive information in email communication, Apple has told developers that email apps, because they’re a critical avenue for communication, “must meet specific functional criteria aimed at ensuring private and accurate access for users.” While it’s unclear what that means, it suggests it may take some time for all third-party email app makers to configure their software to meet Apple’s requirements.

So far, here’s a list of alternative default browsers we can confirm:

If you want to change your default mail app to one of the following alternatives, head into the Settings app of your iPhone or iPad, and then find the specific email app you wish to set as your default. Tap on the setting inside that reads “Default Mail App,” and then tap on the app of choice. Regardless of which app’s settings you open up, other available email apps (at least ones that support iOS 14’s new default settings) will also appear as options.

Gmail is notably missing from the list, but Google announced on Friday that you will be able to set Gmail as your default email app in “the coming days.” It’s unclear when other email apps like Edison Mail and Yahoo will update their iPhone apps to support iOS 14’s new default option. But Apple gave developers a single day’s notice on when iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 would be available to consumers, so it may take some time.

At time of writing, there is a bug in iOS 14 worth noting that resets your default browser and mail app to Safari and Apple Mail if you reboot your iPhone. So be sure to go back into the settings and change your defaults again in the event you do reboot your device.

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