Facetune Video helps you touch up your video selfies

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You might be familiar with Facetune, the hugely popular selfie editing app, but now the makers of that app, Lightricks, are releasing Facetune Video, which is designed to help you touch up selfie videos.

To start editing a video, just select one from your camera roll. Once you do, it will start looping in the app so you can start applying changes in real time. There is a variety of options to work with, such as changing the brightness of the video, smoothing out your skin, whitening your smile, and even changing the size of your nose and eyes. If you’ve used Facetune or Facetune2 before, you should feel right at home with Facetune Video.

Applying changes is easy, in my experience with a pre-release version of the app. For most tools, Facetune Video offers an on-screen slider to adjust how strongly the desired effect shows up in a video. And if you want to compare your changes to your original video, there’s a handy toggle button you can press and hold.

Here’s an example video I took that shows how Facetune Video works. I’ve turned the “glow” slider all the way up, and I toggle back and forth between my original video to see how it compares:

The tools in Facetune Video seem like a handy way to retouch your videos before you share them with friends or your social network of choice. And the bounty of options means you should have a lot of tools to experiment with to make sure your video looks the way you want it to.

Facetune Video is free, but some editing tools aren’t available unless you pay for a subscription, which costs $7.99 per month or $35.99 for a year. There’s also the option to pay a $69.99 one-time fee if you prefer.

Facetune Video is available to download for iOS today. Lightricks plans to release it on Android in the future, a Lightricks spokesperson tells The Verge.

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