Apple’s $700 Mac Pro wheels work terribly on skateboards

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Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past month, you’ll know that Apple has started selling a set of standalone wheels for the Mac Pro for $700. Yes, it’s ridiculous. At that price, it stands to reason that you probably want them to do more than just transport your expensive Mac Pro around the office. So why not try attaching them to the bottom of a skateboard instead?

That’s exactly what the YouTube channel Braille Skateboarding has attempted in its latest video. They’re technically not the first people to have had this idea after Unbox Therapy made a makeshift skateboard by combining the wheels with the front panel of a Mac Pro, but as far as we’re aware, Braille Skateboarding are the first to have actually skated on them. They even pull off a successful kickflip.

For the most part, the “Apple Skateboard” works terribly. For example, until the team put a set of traditional skateboarding trucks on the board, the wheels constantly pivot in all directions. It means you can skateboard sideways, but it also inevitably means falling off in the process. The wheels themselves held up surprisingly well though, even if the hardware holding them to the board quickly started bending and breaking.

So yes, it’s a pretty terrible idea, but it makes for great YouTube content.

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