A replica Apple-themed racecar is listed for sale at $499,999

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If you really want an Apple car and have half a million bucks to spend, there’s a replica of a 1979 Porsche 935 K3 Apple-themed racecar up for sale, according to Apple Insider. Apple sponsored the original car during the 1980 racing season. Along with the “Apple Computer” name, the car also bears the retro rainbow logo and a sticker on its rear bumper that reads “Don’t upset the Apple Car.”

This version that’s listed for sale on DuPont Registry is not the original car, which is owned by Adam Corolla and worth in the $10 million range, according to 9to5Mac.

According to a 2016 profile of its brief racing career on The Drive, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was a fan of the idea of the company sponsoring a racecar:

It ran only the 1980 season, finishing seventh at Sebring, second at Riverside and Sears Point, and third at Road America, peppered in between with DNFs. But the Apple 935K3 was a fan favorite, and won a cult following at Le Mans, despite retiring after 13 hours. Jobs knew smart when he saw it, and hitching his logo to a Porsche on an international motorsport tour got the word out. It made even more sense a few months later, when the company went public in December, the most profitable IPO since Ford.

Apple’s current plans for a self-driving car appear to have stalled: the company dismissed 200 people from Project Titan, its autonomous vehicle project, last year. The company was believed to be shifting its focus to autonomous vehicle tech instead of an actual car, but rumors abound an Apple car may still be in the works. Patently Apple noted that the company was recently granted three patents for Project Titan.

In the meantime, if you must have an Apple-looking vehicle and can afford the $4,415 monthly payment, maybe this is an option for you.

Update April 27th 10:40AM ET: Adds detail that the car listed for sale is a replica, not the original.

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