Amazon using thermal cameras at some warehouses to scan workers for fevers

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Amazon is now using thermal cameras at its warehouses to help screen workers for fevers, Reuters reports. The thermal imaging cameras are faster to use than the standard forehead thermometers Amazon had been using to test workers for fevers, which are a primary symptom of the coronavirus.

“We implemented daily temperature checks in our operations locations as an additional preventative measure to support the health and safety of our employees who continue to provide a critical service in our communities,” Amazon spokesperson Kristen Kish said in a statement emailed to The Verge. “We are now implementing the use of thermal cameras for temperature screening to create a more streamlined experience at some of our sites.”

As people shelter at home, demand for delivery of food and household goods has exploded. Amazon already has hired the 100,000 workers it announced it would be adding to deal with the surge in orders.

With cases of the virus reported at more than 50 Amazon warehouses in the US — one estimate puts the number of cases at more than 300 — workers have protested at several Amazon facilities, demanding warehouses be closed and cleaned. The company closed six of its fulfillment centers in France at least through April 20th, after a French court ruled Amazon could be fined €1 million per item if it ships anything not directly related to medical supplies, hygiene products, and food items.

In addition to temperature checks, Amazon has also been distributing masks and disinfecting work stations. It’s now building its own testing lab for workers, to test them for the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

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