Amazon is ending support for the Dash Wand barcode scanner

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Amazon is ending support for its Dash Wand, an Alexa-enabled device that let shoppers scan grocery barcodes and order household essentials from their homes. In an email to users, the company said the devices will no longer be supported as of July 21st. Shoppers can still use other Alexa-enabled devices to add items to a shopping list, the company noted.

Released in 2017, the Wi-Fi-enabled Dash Wand was a few inches long and made out of white and black plastic, an update to Amazon’s original Dash devices. In a 2017 product review, Verge editor Nilay Patel said the Dash Wand was “a fun toy and it certainly makes adding things to your Amazon cart easier.” After giving them away to Prime members practically for free, however, Amazon didn’t do much else with the Wand. The company killed its physical Dash buttons last year.

To dispose of a Dash Wand, check out Amazon’s recycling program. If you have one you can de-register it from your Amazon account under the “manage content and devices” section.

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